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Xi’An Space Star Technology(Group) Corporation
Business Title Xi’an Space Star Technology(Group) Corporation
Industry Telecommunication Services / Equipments
Annual Turnover 1 - 5 Crore
No. of Employee 0 - 100 employees
Commencement Year 1950
Satellite Dish, ground station antenna, , VSAT Antenna, earth satellite, satellite cable, auto-deploy flyaway antenna, GPS antenna, manual flyaway antenna, SOTM antenna system, satellite communications On-The-Move , RV satellite antenna, Drive-away antenna system, SNG Antenna, 4.5m earth station antenna, 11.3m earth station antenna, 9m earth station antenna, 7.3m earth station antenna
 , 6.2m earth station antenna, 5.3m earth station antenna, 3.7mearth station antenna, 3.0m earth station antenna, 
 2.4m earth station antenna, 1.8m earth station antenna, 0.5m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 0.75m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 
 1.0m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 1.8m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 0.6m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 1.2m shipborne antenna, 
 0.6m shipborne antenna, 1.2m drive-away antenna, 1.5m drive-away antenna, 1.8m drive-away antenna, 2.4m drive-away antenna, 
 Radome, Reflector, satellite dish 4.5m, vsat dish, TV Antenna, 4.5m satellite dish, satellite dish 11.3m, 9m satellite dish antenna, 
 7.3m satellite dish antenna, 6.2m satellite dis,
About : Xi’An Space Star Technology(Group) Corporation
Xi’an Space Star Technology (Group) Corporation is awholly-owned subsidiary of CAST Xi’an,Website:, a Chinese leading satellite subsystem manufacturer. The company is specialized in satellite communications , satellite navigation, satellite remote sensing ,as well as satellite ground testing. Since it was founded in 1996, with 60 million registered capital, the company has been providing high quality satellite antenna applied in the fields such as emergency communications (civil air defence, earthquake, etc., positioning, navigation time service, geological environment monitoring, remote sensing data processing and digital city construction. Being strongly involved in many Chinese space programs and national technology innovation projects, the company has become to be a core enterprise of satellite application technologies in China with independent intellectual property rights and industrial prospects.
Products and Services
satellite dish,ground station antenna,,VSAT antenna,earth satellite,satellite cable,auto-deploy flyaway antenna,gps antenna,manual flyaway antenna,SOTM antenna system,satellite communications On-The-Move ,RV satellite antenna,Drive-away antenna system,SNG Antenna, 4.5m earth station antenna,11.3m earth station antenna,9m earth station antenna,7.3m earth station antenna ,6.2m earth station antenna,5.3m earth station antenna,3.7mearth station antenna,3.0m earth station antenna, 2.4m earth station antenna,1.8m earth station antenna,0.5m Manual Flyaway Antenna,0.75m Manual Flyaway Antenna, 1.0m Manual Flyaway Antenna,1.8m Manual Flyaway Antenna,0.6m Manual Flyaway Antenna,1.2m shipborne antenna, 0.6m shipborne antenna,1.2m drive-away antenna,1.5m drive-away antenna,1.8m drive-away antenna,2.4m drive-away antenna, Radome,Reflector, satellite dish 4.5m,vsat dish,TV antenna,4.5m satellite dish,satellite dish 11.3m,9m satellite dish antenna, 7.3m satellite dish antenna,6.2m satellite dish,5.3m satellite dish antenna,satellite dish 5.3m,best satellite antenna, wifi antenna,3.7m satellite dish,satellite dish 3m,satellite dish 2.4m,180cm satellite dish;,1.8m satellite dish,1.8m satellite dish, portable satellite antenna,satellite hdtv antenna,broadcast antenna,60cm vehicle-borne antenna,panel antenna, 120cm satellite antenna,60 cm satellite antenna for ship,satellite antenna for ship,120cm satellite dish, marine satellite antenna,1.5m satellite dish,150cm satellite antenna,satelite antenna for caravan, satellite antenna for vehicle,satellite antenna for car,1.8m satellite dish,vehicle-borne antenna,2.4m antenna, 2.4m satellite dish,satellite equipment,satellite antenna alignment
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