Company Brief Detail

Wuqiang Huihuang Fiberglass Factory
Business Title wuqiang huihuang fiberglass factory
Industry Building Material
Annual Turnover 1 - 5 Crore
No. of Employee 0 - 100 employees
Commencement Year 1990
About : Wuqiang Huihuang Fiberglass Factory

we are the factory of fiberglass insect screen , mosquito screen net , fiberglass door screen , fiberglass insect screen mesh, alum screen net.I am a company producing PVC coated fiberglass insect screen, and our product major export, coated yarn insect screen is made of fiberglass under the process unifilar plastic-coating, plain weaving, and high temperature-fixing. It is widely used in construction, orchard, ranch etc.

Products and Services

1. Introduction
1) Effective insect barrier.
2) Easily fixed and removed, sun-shade, uv proof.
3) Easy Clean ,No smell , good for health.
4) The mesh is uniform, no bright lines in the whole roll.
5) Touch soft , no crease after folding.
6) Fire resistant, good tensile strength,long life.

2. Detail of window screen 
1)Material: plastic polyethylene ,polypropylene
2)Width :1 to 5m
3)Length:50 to 300m 
4)Colors: White, black, yellow, green, blue etc. 
5) Usual roll size: 3'x100', 4x100', 1x25M, 1.2x30M, 1.5x25M, or as per customers request. 

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