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Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Business Title Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Industry Aviation Equipment
Annual Turnover 1 - 5 Crore
No. of Employee 0 - 100 employees
Commencement Year 1950
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About : Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd
Company profile Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech company,Website:, which is supported by Zhejiang University Ministry of Education Computer Aided Product Innovation Design Engineering Center, Zhejiang University international design and Zhejiang Key Laboratory of service robot. And it is invested by a domestic famous investment institutions. Founded in 2013, Mr. Pan Yunhe, former president of Zhejiang University, organized and hosted based on regional innovation and accumulation of original innovation. In two years, CHIC developed SMART series, CROSS series and LS series, with 22 independent intellectual property rights. CHIC self balancing scooter is produced with the unique idea of “Embedded technology & Industrial design & The mechanical and electrical integration”, after 8 years of repeated optimization, we successfully developed a simple and stylish appearance, sophisticated internal and high quality products. CHIC sets new standards for the precise balance control of the scooter and the power output. It is pioneered the use of vector equilibrium technology in this line. Experts crafted the most security and the most unique security protection, CHIC established a new benchmark in product boutique strategy for the industry. CHIC, as the only one with complete intellectual property rights and sustainable development capacity in China, with strong research and development capabilities, will provide the best and the most complete intelligent balancing products all over the world.
Products and Services
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