Company Brief Detail

Changzhou Fengde Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
Business Title Plastic soup cups with lids
Industry Food Processing
Annual Turnover 1 - 5 Crore
No. of Employee 0 - 100 employees
Commencement Year 2018
About : Changzhou Fengde Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd

Changzhou Fengde Intelligent Technology Co.,LTD is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. IIt specialized in meal prep containers, vacuum seal bags, thermoformed films, lidding films, shrink films, food kraft bags, air cushion bag and so on. Our markets cover North America, the United Kingdom, Europe and other global markets. To provide professional packaging programs for people in different countries and different lifestyles, Fengde has implemented the international advanced quality management system. The products are FDA and CE certified, highly approved by all market.Fengde has since developed smoothly, building solid coordination with more than 34 provinces and 300 cities in China, and our products and services have also been reached Hong Kong,Taiwan, Australia, US, India, Britain, Japan and other countries and regions. 

Products and Services

Plastic soup cups with lids: The material is made of PP which has benefits like colorless, tasteless and non-toxic.It is the lightest one of all plastic.The plastic soup cups with lids are usually transparent.You can see the food inside from outside.Our plastic soup cups with lids are now on of the world most excellent products.It is approved by different markets,especially in North America and East Asia,two biggest take-out markets.With 20 years of our continuous efforts,we are making them much more pretty and practical.We keep using advanced way to improve their quality and make sure they always the best in the similar 

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