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Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Haryana - India Tender (Archive)
Purchase of Sports Material (Consumable & Non-consumable) - Shoulder Pad, Helmet, American Football Ball, Swimming Costumes, Swimming Caps, Swimming Goggles, Towel (Big Size), Back Stroke Indicator, All Face Target, Arrow, Judge Stand, Palmatic Box, Weight Training Belt, Feather Shuttle Cock, Nylon Shuttle Cock, Net, Rackets, Digital Stoo Watch, Ladder Fo R Practice Purpose, Resistance Tube (W Ith One Side Handle), Base, Chest Guard, Rassa (W Ith Hook), Boxing Ring, Tripal, Boxing, Gloves, Punching Pad, Ladder Fo R Practice Purpose, Batting Pad, Keeping Pad, Keeping Gloves, Batting Gloves, Cricket Bat (Boys), Helmet Cricket, Adbominal Guard, Keeping Gloves Stump With Bails, Boundary Rope's, Boxes, Boundary Flag, Manual Roller, Score Book International, Hat (Cap), Hanging Ball, Cricket Ball, Umbrella (Full Size Icoloured, Cricket Ground Rope Charkhi (Roller), Balls, Hockey Balls, Hockey Goal Keeper Leg, Guard, Hockey Goal Keeper Kicker, Hockey Goal Keeper Deflector, Shin Guard, Gloves, Face Mask (for Pc), Vibs( 18 Red + 18 Blue), Hockey Dress (Men), Hockey Dress T-shirt (Men), Hockey Dress Skirt (Women), Hockey Dress T-shirt(Women), Strocking, Shoes, Carry Bag, Mouth Guard, Coach Folder, Rope, Judo Dress, Beep Watch, Rope W Ith Stand, Knee Cap, Anclate, Elbow Guard, Met Shoes, Score Sheet, Assistant Score Sheet, Boot, Shine Guard, L. Guard, Head Guard, Point Fight Gloves, Boxing Gloves, Gum Shield or Teeth Guard, Breast Projector, Kicking Pad, Punching Pad & Bag, Hand Bandch, Net, Pistol Shooting Range Target, Palate, Target, Head Guard, Iranian Pad, Twin Fan Pad, Gloves Pad, Big Target Orshield, Shine Guard, Arm Guard, Shine Guard, Training Ledder, Ankle Weight, Small Hurdles, Gum Shield or Guard, Abdomen Guard With Spoter, Pss (Sensor System), Rubber Cotted Plates, Zigzag Road, Wt Training Belt, Dynamic Bench, Olympic Standard Stands for Squal Training, a Djustable Bench, Resistance Tube or Thera Band, Towels Big Size, Stretching Band, Track Suits, Shoes, Piddu Bags, Socks, Game Kits, Stop Watch, Manual Stop Watch, Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Chuna Machine, Trolly Riksha, Skipping Rope, Table Tennis Net, Water Polo Ball, Office Table Ball, Hand Ball, Korfball, Squas Ball, Squash Racket, Weighing Machine, Basketball, Kassi, Measuring Tap, Sword, Sambal, Axe, Lining Chuna Machine, Score Board Wooden.
Estimated Value : INR 125,00,000 | Closing Date : 29-09-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Kyrgyzstan Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : KGS 124,85,600 | Closing Date : 29-06-2018
Civil Works Tenders | Location : Kerala - India Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : INR 124,56,183 | Closing Date : 08-03-2019
Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Tender (Archive)
Supply of sports items - parallel bar, (stag), horizontal bar, (stag), roman ring president, (stag), uneven bar, (stag), spring board, (stag), crash landing mats, (stag), balancing beam, (stag), pummeled horse, (stag), gymnastics mat, (stag), discuss 2kg, (stag), discuss 1kg, (stag), shot put 7.26 kg, (stag), shot put 4 kg ,(stag), hammer 7.26 kg, (stag), hammer 4kg, (stag), javelin aluminum 800 gm, (stag), javelin aluminum 600 gm,(stag), starting block, (stag), take off board,(stag), toe board,(stag), hurdles (fiber),(stag), adjustable hurdle cone,(stag), high jump stand, (stag), pole vault pole,( stag), cross bar, (stag), pole vault box, (stag), pole vault pit,( stag), high jump pit, (stag), victory stand, (stag), starting gun, (stag/), stop watch,(neiva), w.l set olympic, (stag), treadmill motorized, (national body line nb-3), cross trainer, (national body line), up right bike, (national body line), spin bike, (national body line), exercise bike, (national body line), bench press, (national body line), butterfly, (national body line), leg curl cum leg extension, (stag), leg press machine, (stag), preacher curl bench, (stag), cable cross,(stag), high lat pulley, (stag), huck squat, (stag), smith machine, (stag), w.l bench, (national body line), abdominal board, (national body line), twister with stand, (national body line), plates stand, (national body line), plates olympic, (national body line), dumbbells hexagonal,(national body line), w.l rod olympic curling, (national body line), gym 6 station, (national body line), gym mats, (national body line), exercise accessories gym ball,(casco), wrestling mat, (stag), kho-kho pole (wooden), (stag), hockey goal post fiber portable, (stag), hockey carbon stick, (alfa speed), hockey wooden stick, (alfa cyrano), hockey turf ball, (cocabora), goal keeper kit, (alfa rebound), football goal post portable, (stag), football, (nivia shine star), volley ball poles adjustable, (stag), volley ball net, (vixen tournament), volley ball,( spartan super volley), volley ball referee chair, (stag), leg air pump, (vixon), spring ball,(casco), volley ball antenna, (stag), volley ball net wire plastic coated, (stag), volley ball boundary net, (vixen), volley ball boundary pole, (stag), basket ball pole full set adjustable/portable, (stag), basketball, (casco super volley), badminton pole adjustable/portable, (stag), bad minton racket, (yonex zr 100), shuttle cock, (yonex mavis 350 green cap nylon yellow), shuttle cock feather, (yonex as 10 feather), badminton net, (cosco), handball pole(iron), (stag), handball (boys) 3no., (nivia hb-379), handball (girls) 2no, (casco goal 32), handball net, (kay-kay hb-110c), lawn tennis pole portable, (stag), lawn tennis racket, (casco), lawn tennis net, (metco), lawn tennis ball, (wilson starter), table tennis bat, (stag magnum), table tennis table, (stag americas rollaway), table tennis net portable, (stag), table tennis ball, (stag two star), kabaddi mat, (spartan), cricket bat english willow, (sg nexus), cricket bat kashmir willow, (sg nexus), cricket ball leather, (sg club/league), cricket ball canvas, (casco), cricket pad, (sg campus), thigh guard, (sg test), a.d., (sg test), gloves batting, (sg vs 319 spark), helmet, (sg aero), stamp (wooden with bails), (stag), keeping pad, (sg nylite), keeping gloves, (sg tournament), portable cricket net pole, (stag), drills cones 6 inch, (vixen), drills cones 12 inch, (vixen), drills cones 18 inch, (vixen), cups/marker, (vixen), medicine ball (sand) 1kg, (stag), medicine ball (sand) 3kg, (stag), medicine ball (sand) 5kg, (stag), agility hurdles (fiber) 12 inch, (stag), agility hurdles (fiber) 18inch, (stag), agility hurdles (fiber) 24 inch, (stag), gym climbing battle rope, (vixen), tug of war rope, (vixen), sprinkler for water (portable), (stag), grass cutter (electric), (stag), yoga mat, (cosco), medium roller (300kg), (stag), electric roller vehicle (one ton) petrol, (stag), skipping rope, (magic), weight machine, (venus digital), stadiometer, (abi health care), spiro meter, (stag), dynamometer, (camri), skin fold caliper, (apex), dslr camera, (sony), sony multi media projector, (sony), dumbbell wooden, (life line), indian club wooden, (life line), lazium, (life line), wants, (life line), mal khambh, (stag), taekwondo mat, (stag), taekwondo chest guard, (usi), taekwondo head gear, (usi), double skin pad, (usi), dummy, (usi), punch kick trainer, (usi), boxing ring full set, (usi), boxing gloves(red &blue), (usi), shine prag, (usi), head guard, (usi), teeth guard, (usi), punching pad, (usi), power lifting rod 20 kg,( national body line), bench stand, (national body line), leg press, (national body line), chain pulling stand, (national body line), dumbbell 25 kg, (national body line), dumbbell 5 kg, (national body line), 10 kg rod, (national body line), 5kg rod, (national body line), platform, (national body line), rubber, (national body line), air rifle, (american tactical), air pistol, (crossman), air rifle peep sight, (crossman), scouba tank, (crossman), air pallets, (crossman), target paper air rifle, (crossman), target paper air pistol, (crossman), table, (crossman), target shooting machine or pully, (crossman), foil/sabre mask wire(spiral/strt), (all star) ~ .
Estimated Value : INR 100,00,000 | Closing Date : 26-02-2019
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Philippines Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : PHP 100,00,000 | Closing Date : 01-04-2021
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