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Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Assam - India Tender (Archive)
Supply of stationary articles and training materials - Conference Bags Leather, Standard Handle Bag, Standard Bag, Certificate folder with printing of logo etc. of SIPRD, Note Pad with printing of logo etc. of SIPRD, Transparencies Marker, Transparencies Bag, Conference Folders, Pencils Rubber Tipped, Flip Chart Pens, Staplers, Staple Pins, Rubber Bands, Chalk Pieces, Correnting Pen, Erazex white, Alpin, General, Tower, Dot Matrix Printer Paper, de'smat, Century, Gems clips, Coloured Ordinary, Coloured SDI, General Ordinary, General Kodak, Duplicating Paper, Smart Express, Copier Paper, White(75 GSM), JK select A4, JK select FS, JK select A3, Copier Paper, Colour, smart select A4, Smart select FS, Exercise Book, Unbound 64P, Unbound 128P, Bound 144P, Bound 192P, Bound Register, Leather Bound, Stock Register, Leather Bound, Display Name Plates with letters, Acrylic, Display Name Plates without letters, White Board, Carbon Paper, Kores Adler, Kores 503, Azurelaid Paper, JK select FS, Refills, Jotter, Packet of 10, Roller Parker, Add Gel, File Board , File cover with print, Pilot Pens, Roll Gold, Parker Pen, Roller Pen, Table Dot Pens, Double colour, Zodak, Envelops(Packet of 100), Paper Weight, Ordinary, Standard, Acrylic Gen., Acrylic Spl., Index Guard File, Ambassadar, Calculators Poket, 8 digits, 12 digits, 12 digits Special, Calculators Semi Desk, 10 digits, 12 digits, Calculators Desk, 12 digits, Calculators Big Desk, 12 digits, Voucher Files, 200P, Thick, Album Slip in type, 150 slots post card size, Album Stick on type, 10L 1311, 15L 1311, Stamp Pad, Feather Touch, Stamp Pad Ink, Best quality 50 ml, Post-it-pad, Gum Paste, Tube 50ml, Bottle 700ml, Pen Jars, Good quality, with Watch, White Board Duster, Magnetic, Non Magnetic, Hi-lighter Pens, Set of 5, Cleaner Bottle, Body, Glass, CD-HP, CD-SONY, CD-FRONTECH, Ink Cartridges, Laser Tonner, Canon 337, HP 540, Inkjet Glossy Paper, HP Packet of 50, 127Gsm Packet of 50, Mouse , General (USB), Logitech (USB), Slide Grip file, Thick Special, Thick, Thin, Pen Drive, 8 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, DVD-HP, R - packet of 50 pcs, RW - packet of 50 pcs, DVD-SONY, R - packet of 50 pcs, RW - packet of 50 pcs, DVD-FRONTECH, R - packet of 50 pcs, RW - packet of 50 pcs, Hard Disk EXTERNAL, 1 TB, 500 GB, Slide Grip file, Thin, Semi Index File , Anupam, Ring file, NG, Punch Machine , Standard, Big size, Steno Book, Standard size, Steno Pencil, Standard quality, Clear file, 10L , 20L, 30L, 40L, 100L, File Tray, Good quality, Best quality, File Tray 3 in 1, Good quality, Best quality, Folder, Marracco, Lemina, Tag, Cotton,Each Bundle, Silk, Each Bundle, Clip Board, Big size, Small size, Spiral Binder, A/4, Colour Tranparencies, A/4 Pkt. Of 100, Spirals Ring, Clip File, Display Board, 2' x 3', Felt Board, 2' x 4', 3' x 4', 3' x 5', 3' x 6', 4' x 6', Scissor, Medium, Small size, Royal Executive Bond, A4 pkt. Of 100, Diaries , Executive, Best quality, Ordinary, Table Calendar, Standard Quality, Wall Calendar , without Photograph, with Photograph, Wall Clock, Good Knight Refill (liquid), Good Knight machine, Envelops Odinary, Envelops with laminated, Brief Case, Aristrocate, VIP, American Tourister, Travel Bag, Aristocrat Aviator Plus, Duffle 69 cm, VIP Vogue 65cm, A.T. Chicago 62cm, Riso Ink, Riso Tonner, Toner for Keyocera Photocopier, Note Pad Spiral, Measurement Book , Mouse Pad, Computer Cover, Conference Bags Rexin, Executive Bag,Best, Executive Bag,Medium, Executive Bag, Std., Cut Handle Bag, Standard Handle Bag, Standard Bag, Ladies Bag,Executive, Ladies Bag,Best, Ladies Bag,Medium, Ladies Bag,Standard, Conference Bags Foam, Executive Bag,Best, Executive Bag,Medium, Executive Bag, Std., Cut Handle Bag, Standard Handle Bag, Standard Bag, Ladies Bag,Executive, Ladies Bag,Best, Ladies Bag,Medium, Ladies Bag,Standard, Binder Clip.
Estimated Value : 200,00,000 | Closing Date : 04-11-2019
Hotels and Restaurants Tenders | Location : Multi State - India Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : INR 160,00,000 | Closing Date : 13-06-2019
Hotels and Restaurants Tenders | Location : Multi State - India Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : INR 160,00,000 | Closing Date : 13-06-2019
Hotels and Restaurants Tenders | Location : Maharashtra - India Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : INR 160,00,000 | Closing Date : 24-09-2019
Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Delhi - India Tender (Archive)
Supplying of Indian and Foreign E-journals / Periodicals - Acta Cytologia (Online) , Allergy (Online) , American Journal Of Cardiology (Online) , American Journal Of Clinical Pathology (Online) , American Journal Of Physiology: Heart And Circulatory Physiology (Online) , American Journal Of Respiratory Cell & Molecular Biology (Online) , American Journal Of Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine (Online) , American Journal Of Roentgenology (Online) , Analytical & Quantitative Cytology & Histology (Online) , Annals Of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (Online) , Annals Of Internal Medicine (Online) , Applied & Environmental Microbiology (Online) , Applied Immunohistochemistry & Molecular Morphology (Online) , Antimicrobial Agents & Chemotherapy (Online) , Archives Of Biochemistry & Biophysics (Online) , Basic And Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology (Online) , Bio Medicine (Online) , Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry (Online) , Biotechniques (Online) , British Journal Of Cancer (Online) , British Journal Of Pharmacology (Online) , Bulletin Of The World Health Organization – WHO Press (Online) , BBA-Biochimica Et Biophysica Acta- Molecular Basis Of Disease (Online) , BMJ Case Report (Online) , Cancer Research + Clinical Cancer Research (Online) (Includes Cancer Review (Online) , Chest (Online) , Clinical & Experimental Allergy (Online), Clinical Biochemistry (Online) , Clinical Biochemist Reviews (Online) , Clinical Chemistry & Laboratory Medicine (Online) , Clinical Microbiology Reviews (Online) , Clinical Pulmonary Medicine (Online) , Clinics In Chest Medicine (Online) , Critical Care Clinics (Online) , Current Opinion In Pharmacology (Online) , Diagnostic Microbiology And Infectious Disease (Online) , Disease-A-Month (Online) , Drugs (Online) , European Journal Of Pharmacology (Online) , European Respiratory Journal (Online) , Experimental Lung Research (Online) , Histopathology (Online) , Immunogenetics (Online) , Indian Journal Of Clinical Biochemistry (Online) , Indian Journal Of Pathology & Microbiology (Online) , Infection & Immunity (Online) , Inflammation Research (Online) , Intensive Care Medicine (Online) , International Journal Of Tuberculosis & Lung Disease (Online) , International Journal Of Yoga (Online) , International Journal Of Yoga Therapy (Online) , J Mycol Med (Journal De Mycologie Medicale) By Paris; Masson (Online) , Journal Of Allergy & Clinical Immunology (Online) , Journal Of Applied Physiology (Online) , Journal Of Asthma (Online) , Journal Of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation And Prevention (JCPR) (Online), Journal Of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Online) , Journal Of Clinical Microbiology (Online) , Journal Of Clinical Sleep Medicine (Online) , Journal Of Hospital Infection (Online) , Journal Of Immunology (Online) , Journal Of Natural Product (Online) , Journal Of Neurovirology (Online) , Journal Of Pharmacy And Pharmacology (Online) , Journal Of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics (Online) , Journal Of Physiology (Online) , Journal Of Thrombosis And Haemostasis (Online) , Journal Of Virology (Online) , Lancet (Online) , Lancet Respiratory Medicine (Online) , Lung (Online) , Lung Cancer- Publication Of IASLC (Online) , Medical Clinics Of North America (Online), Medical Mycology (Online) , Molecular Microbiology (Online) , Mutation Research Review (Online) , Mycopathalogia (Online) , Mycoses (Online) , Nature Immunology (Online) , Nature Reviews Immunology (Online) , Nature Reviews Microbiology (Online) , New England Journal Of Medicine (Online) , Nitric Oxide: Biology And Chemistry (Online) , Nucleic Acid Therapeutics (Online) , Pharmacological Research (Online), Pharmacological Reviews (Online) , Physiological Reviews (Online) , Phytotherapy Research (Online) , Proceeding Of ATS (Now Annals Of ATS) (Online) , Radiologic Clinics Of North America (Online) , Respiration (Online) , Respiratory Care (Online) , Respirology (Online) , Respiratory Physiology And Neurobiology (Online) , Respiratory Medicine (Online) , Reviews Of Medical & Veterinary Mycology (Online) , Revista Iberoamericana De Mycologia (Online) , Seminars In Respiratory & Critical Care Medicine (Online) , Sleep (Online) , Trends In Microbiology (Online) , Trends In Pharmacological Sciences (Online) , Tuberculosis (Formerly Tubercle And Lung Diseases) (Online) , Vaccine (Online) , Virology (Online) , Virus Research (Online) , The APS Journal Legacy Content Includes: (One Time Purchase Of Thirteen Back Volumes From Volume 1 Issue 1 Till 1998) (Online) ~ for the Year 2018 for Vpci Library From Reputed Agents/vendors
Estimated Value : INR 150,00,000 | Closing Date : 03-12-2018
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Dominican Republic Tender (Archive)
Estimated Value : COP 141,67,330 | Closing Date : 30-08-2018
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