America Tenders

Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Panama Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 03-03-2020
Recreational Services Tenders | Location : Not Classified - United States of America Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 05-03-2020
Education And Research Institute Tenders | Location : Uttar Pradesh - India Tender (Live)
Purchase of materials acrylamide. 500g, bis-acrylamide, i00g, sodium dodecyl sulphate (sds), 100g, temed. 50ml, ammonium persulfate (aps). i00g, tris hcl 100g, glycerol. ii, bromophenol blue. 25g, glycine. 1kg, triton x-100. il, pg-7940-1 kg tris buffer, 1kg, rpmi 1640, with l-glutamine and 25 mm hepes. 500ml, penicillin-streptomycin solution (i00x), 100ml, sodium bicarbonate, 1 kg, ethidium bromide, 5g, puregene quick dissolve agarose, 500g, nex-gen dna ladder (ioobp) 100-1.000 bp 50pg, 3 color prestained protein ladder. io-25okda 2x250ul, 6x dna loading dye. 5 x 1 ml, tae buffer. 50x, il, protease inhibitor cocktail, 100x. edta free. 1ml, acetic acid. glacial, 500ml, sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate. ikg, potassium dihydrogen phosphate. ikg, trypan blue dye,5xl.5ml, cc, l-glutamine. 50g, 500ml serum. south american origin, 2-mercaptoethanol. 100ml, loooul universal grad tip. bulk. 1000 tips/pk, 200ul universal grad tip. bulk, 1000 tips'pk, loul universal grad tip. bulk. 1000 tips/pk, cell culture plate, 6well ps 85.40 x 127.60 x 20.20 35.00, autofil, complete assembly. pes, 500ml, 90mm, ,22pm,, 12, cell culture flask ps filter 175 50 650 + + 5 / 40, rnasure plant mini kit (50), dnasure plant mini kit (50), protein a-agarose, 2 ml, 15ml centrifuge tube.sterile, 25/pk, 500/case, 50ml centrifuge tube, sterile, 25/pk, 500/case, immun-blot pvdf mem.7x8.4j0, blue cap bottle, deoxyribonucleic acid. 10g (sigma), albumin from chicken egg white, 1g (sigma), methanol. 2.5l (merck), rpm1 1640. without l-glutamine. 1000ml, cell dissociation buffer, enzyme-free pbs, 100ml, edta disodium dehydrate,500g, rnase a, dnase and protease free, 10 mg (fermentas), dnase 1. rnase-free. 1000 units, parafilm. 4”xl25’, -20; labtop cooler (blue) for 0.5/1.5/2.0 ml tubes., max. capacity 20 tubes. i'pk, isoamyl alcohol. 11, zinc nitrate hexahydrate. 100g, sodium hydroxide pellets, ikg, pipetman g 4-pipette kit, ethanol. 500ml, hplc grade water, il, tri-sodium citrate dehydrate. 500gin, ferric hydroxide oxide, loogm, calcium titanate, fns( hydroxy methyl)aminomc(hane, chloroform, measuring cylinder hexagonal base , wash bottle ldpe, 500ml 6pc/pk, ice bucket 4.5 litre.
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 28-02-2020
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Guatemala Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 28-02-2020
Tourism Tenders | Location : Not Classified - Singapore Tender (Live)
Estimated Value : NA | Closing Date : 18-03-2020
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